RAID 1 - Mirroring and duplexing

RAID 1 or "mirroring", has been used longer than any other form of RAID.
This level of RAID provides redundancy by writing identical data to each member disk of the array, leaving a "mirrored" copy on each disk. Mirroring remains popular due to its simplicity and high level of data availability.

Level 1 operates with two or more disks that may use parallel access for high data-transfer rates when reading but more commonly operate independently to provide high I/O transaction rates.

RAID 1 provides very good data reliability and improves performance for read-intensive applications but at a relatively high cost.

The storage capacity of the level 1 array is equal to the capacity of one of the mirrored hard disks in a Hardware RAID or one of the mirrored partitions in a Software RAID.

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