RAID 0+1 - High data transfer performance

RAID 1+0 - High reliability combined with high performance

RAID 10 and 01 are the most popular of the multiple RAID levels.

RAID 01 and 10 combine the best features of striping and mirroring to yield large arrays with high performance in most uses and superior fault tolerance.

RAID 01 is a mirrored configuration of two striped sets.
RAID 10 is a stripe across a number of mirrored sets.

RAID 10 and 01 have been increasing dramatically in popularity as hard disks become cheaper and the four-drive minimum is legitimately seen as much less of an obstacle.

RAID 10 provides better fault tolerance and rebuild performance than RAID 01.

Both array types provide very good to excellent overall performance by combining the speed of RAID 0 with the redundancy of RAID 1 without requiring parity calculations.

See other RAID arrays below:

RAID 0 - Striped disk array
RAID 1 - Mirroring and duplexing
RAID 5 - Block interleaved distributed parity
RAID 6 - Independent data disks with double parity
RAID 10 - High reliability combined with high data performance


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